Doctrines are the pillars that support our faith, but faith that finds no practical purpose is just a dead shell. Faith must be expressed and faith must be advanced in every individual’s life. Because of this, we have developed a “Simple Church” model that clearly answers the question, “what’s next?” We believe that in order to become a fully functional person we need three environments on a regular basis. Love God, Love People, and Love to Serve. This is our G.P.S.

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  • Love God

    Jesus said that this is the greatest commandment and one of the most enjoyable to obey. The “Love God Environment” is our large group, Sunday morning meetings. We have two main goals for this environment. The first one is the obvious one. We want to create an atmosphere for people to openly love God. Because there are many ways to express our love for God, we have provided room for different expressions. Music, dance, arts, lights, sound, stillness and many other avenues allow everyone to find something that captures their affections and directs them to their Creator. The second reason for the “Love God environment” is to love what God loves. God really loves people and we want to make sure that everyone feels welcomed and sincerely valued. We are a come as you are church and have been for 15 years. We believe and practice what Jesus modeled which is a “Belong, Believe, Behave” style of relationship. For many, the church has been a barrier instead of a bridge. With Jesus and His disciples, belonging always happened before believing and behaving. Behavior and what a person believes are important but never at the expense of love and relationship.
  • Love People

    This is what Jesus called the second greatest commandment. This environment is smaller, more personal and relationship based. You can get smart in a large group, but you can never grow wise. You can get holy in a large group but you can never get whole. It isn’t that the large group meeting is inferior, it’s that it’s incomplete. It was never intended to meet all the relational needs of a person or family any more than going to the movies. The small group environment naturally creates the conversations that develop a person’s character. The average person can’t name 5 sermons that have changed their life, but everyone can name 5 friends that have. These groups are known as “Life Groups” and meet weekly at homes.
  • Love to Serve

    Simply put, serving at its best is the natural process of giving away what you have received. If you are a teacher, then give away knowledge. If you are kind, then give away kindness. If you are servant-hearted, then help someone in need. We are committed to helping everyone find and develop their own God-given gifts. It's been our experience that when we learn to give away what God has given us, we experience a deep joy that is connected to our purpose rather than just our prosperity. Each “Life Group” plans regular times of serving together and each member is encouraged to engage themselves in service weekly in some way that is meaningful to them and to others.
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